Barca, Barca, Barca…….

what a match against Atletico!
With 9 on the pitch at the end, they hold this 1-1 and continue to play for the cup.

Some people may say that the  man in black helped them, but still they won.

Now for the next round, Roberto and Suarez will be suspended and Mesi and Neymar will have to score some goals for the win. As we know, they can do some crazy things with the ball and we are excited to see them on the field. Atletico had some good opportunities, especially at 79 min. with this penalty! Respect for all players from Madrid, they were so close and even………so far. So let´s hope that the next matches in this competition will bring us so much joy and more goals to see!



Juventus, the team that always be!

1-0 against the team of Inter Milano and Juventus is on the right way to win

the next championship in Italy. This year is not the best for the 11 man from Torin

but now when it´s come to win bog matches, they do well. Maybe the trainer knows better his players now and they will be in perfect form for the new games in the CL.

The best teams in Europe must have top skills at the beginning of March and April so that they can play the best matches when it´s come to win cups and tournaments!
Good luck Juventus, you will need it!



Another one for CR7!

So, he did it again!

CR7 is the best player in the world.

That was very much clear months ago , but now France Football gave him the THING. Well deserved we must say.  He won some important titles and made very good season. The other pretenders were not on his level and that was not the only reason for this result. Maybe Messi was even not in position to win something big this year, but for Antoine Grisman that you can’t say. He had the chance and didn’t took it, when the time was right. So heads down for the player of the players this year CRISTIANO!



What a match for Robin Van Persie.

He almost lost his eye! The former MU Striker, who plays in Turkey now
for Fenerbahce almost lost his eye on the pitch. He had a bad collision and after few seconds, his all face was bloody. The doctors were giving him not a big chance to use his eye again, but later they sad it was not so bad and he will be alright after few days of rest without training.
So dangerous can be football and the players are not safe, even if they do watch over each other all the time. We wish Robin all the best and get recovered soon , so that we can see him scoring again on the pitch, like we all know him for many years!


Champions Leauge today give us very interesting matches.

Arsenal plays away against Ludogoretz. The Bulgarian team lost in London 6-0.

This was the worst match for Ludogoretz in the Champions League so far.

Now is the time for a better score against the boys from London. Arsene Venger wanted the win

because for him is the 1 place in this group very important. Arsenal did not go ou on the pitch in Sofia for a training

because they already did in London. It will be interesting game to watch and off course to bet on.

Today at 20,45 CET.




Carlo Ancelotti said yesterday that CR7 is the greatest.

As he was coaching Real Madrid, he had always made the training so , that it fitted CR7.

‘CR7 was important for the team and I use to do everything i can, to make him happy’.

His position was on the left side of the attack and this was no problem at all, because

that was the place I wanted him’.

Carlo loved t work with Cristiano Ronaldo and the CR7 said so many times, that his favorite trainer

was Carlo Ancelotti. Is it possiblé to see them both in Germany soon?
The money for this transfer is not a problem for FC Bayern, but that ´s not all of the story for now!



Dynamo Zagreb has won today against Slaven Balupo. The only goal was scored by Junior Fernandes.

This was the first win with the new coach Ivailo Petev. It was also the second match for the former Bulgarian national team coach .He had now 1 win and 1 draw. It seems that he may be the right choice for the team.

We wish him good luck and hope they will success!


Wow… what a match between Athletico and Bayern!!!
This two teams played last year semi-final and now they are
2 of the 4 teams in this group in the Champions League. Athletico had a good day
and this 1-0 was just the minimum score for them, because they could win with lot more goals.
Many of the Bayern München players wasn´t on the pitch this day.They just look at the game and
didn´t do anything interesting. Now Carlo Anceloti is very calm and just said:
‘Everybody can lose here (Madrid). They were just better and we were poor. We made so many mistakes
tonight and we deserved to lose this match!’
So so…. it looks like Athletico will win this group and it will be deserved!



It’s now Tuesday and at the beginning of this week 99% from the Manchester United fans sad, that they

don’t want Wayne Rooney in the Squad. We are really sad, because he is playing for the club since 2004.

On the other hand, he is not the same in the last few years and the disappointment of the fans is not something that we have to wonder.So now they are looking forward to the next favorite ‘Boss’ on the field and he is maybe playing in the Premier League already!?!Who knows, maybe they also sign him already this Monday!If Rooney has to leave, for him the best opportunity may be Serie A or Bundesliga .We just have to wait and see I guess!

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