Schalke – Leipzig

Schalke 04 welcomes the sensation RB Leipzig in a game from the 30th round of the German Bundesliga.The newcomers RB Leipzig already qualified for the Champions League and now the only remaining question is at what position they are going to finish in the standings. Right now they are second, having a 6 point advantage in front of Hoffenheim. Ralph Hasenhüttl’s team is in a terrific run of four consecutive wins, which is a great reaction after the loss against Werder in Bremen.As for Schalke, The Royal Blues are currently 11th in the standings. This season was not good at all for Schalke, who underperformed in most of the time since the start of the campaign. Despite of this, Schalke still have chance to qualify for the Europa League, as they are just 4 points behind the 6th Köln.Speaking of Europa League, during the week Schalke had a really exhausting game against Ajax. The German team won with 2-0 and moved the game to extra time, where Ajax managed to score two goals and qualify for the 1/2-finals. It’s about to be seen how Schalke’s players are going to recover in time, just a few days after playing 120 minutes in Europe.Schalke’s manager Markus Weinzierl will be without the services of Thilo Kehrer, who is suspended for the game. Naldo, Phil Neumann, Baba Rahman and Breel Embolo are still injured, while Sead Kolasinac and Eric Choupo-Moting are doubtful for the game.We could say that both teams still have what to play for until the end of the campaign. Schalke are fighting for an Europa League qualification, while RB Leipzig will want to secure their 2nd spot in the table, right behind the leader Bayern Munich. That’s why we expect to see them both motivated to win against each other.


Using the parlay strategy is one of the best ways to increase your profits in betting. Speaking in simple words, it means combining a few bets of the same type in one, multiplying the odds for one big overall odd. And as we know very well – bigger odds lead to bigger profits. And here’s our parlay bet tip for today.This time we  advise you to try a strategy in which you combine a few over 1.5 goals games. Why exactly over 1.5 goals? Because it’s one of the most popular and used strategies in the world of betting for a good reason. This method is allowing a lot of people to win and make some money, because if the games are picked well, the chances of success are very high.

The over 1.5 goals bet is in most of the cases less risky than the ordinary type of bet, where you try to guess the outcome of a game and pick a winner. Here the exact outcome in terms of which team is a winner is not a subject of an interest for you. You only care about how much goals have been scored in these particular games.

Do your research well and pick at least2 games, where you will pick the over 1.5 goals option. Combine them and see what the final odd will look like. This is the main point of the parlay bets – to multiply the odds and look for a bigger profit, than you could usually get with a single bet. Yes, single bets are safe, because it’s just one game, but if games are picked right – the combo bets could be pretty much safe as well.Pick teams who score a lot of goals and try your luck with this combo bet tip we are giving you. We wish you a good luck!


The Key to Successful Parlay Bet

The Upside to Parlay Bet
The parlay is a fast strategy to an enormous payout in case you’ve got the most acceptable wisdom and picks. In cases such as this, at this point, you’ve got a two team parlay. Playing parlays really comes to the degree of confidence you’ve got in your unique picks. Progressive Parlays can be found the web just. A 3 3-team parlay, in theory, pays the identical like you repeated this process for rolling forward another time and also a 4-team in a case which you duplicated it yet another time soon etc.
New Step by Step Roadmap for Parlay Bet
You don’t actually want to bet lots of cash but should you wish a nice return afterward it’s going to cost you. An appreciable disadvantage joined with betting about football is which it’s easy to conserve cash than you are prepared to manage. In any event, you’ve lost cash. There are several numerous ways for you to actually wager your favorite volume of money, but first, let us talk about the spread and also the manner it can impact the quantity you bet. Usually, you should bet more income on the favorite and certainly will find a lot smaller return.
On each of those wagers, better odds are accessible elsewhere in town. Put simply, by betting on parlays it is possible to enhance your parlay odds. Obviously, you won’t be considering true odds when you bag a great ten team parlay card. Clearly, you won’t be considering true chances when you bag a great ten team parlay card.
Whatever They Told You About Parlay Bet Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why
Sports betting takes place throughout the planet, though in the USA this kind of gambling isn’t as exceptionally accepted as it is in Europe. Should you adore sports and you’d like to earn money from the games you like seeing, it’s possible to actually take part in sports betting to earn extra money while having fun. When you’ve selected where you are likely to do your sports betting, you should determine how you are likely to place your wager. Online sports betting is pretty much the optimal /optimally alternative for the ones which are interesting in trying it for the initial time. It’s possible to mix various sports on an identical parlay.
In case your parlay bet wins, it is stir take a nutritional supplement which enormous win. For example, a standard three-team NFL Parlay will most likely pay 6-1. Parlays can additionally be created from unique types of sports wagers. Parlays are becoming increasingly more popular. Parlays are fun and an excellent way to turn a bit of cash into lots of money. Parlays meet this form, as they allow individuals to commit a minimal sum of money together with the likelihood of an enormous payday if they can correctly choose a particular number of the vector with no losers. MultiChance Parlays are on the world wide web just.
Then you are going to possess the capacity to place your wager amount. A booming wager will reap a tremendously lucrative payout. It supplies the bettor an opportunity to bet on lots of games and placing all of them together into one. Both bettors and bookmakers have to be mindful of what happens in a case of a draw.
The teaser bet could be used by a number of means. Given the character of special sports, some stakes work nicely while others don’t Recognize that every parlay is a bet. A parlay wager occurs whenever you’re betting on more than ONE event, typically three. These stakes aren’t going to pay until the close of the occasion. There are lots of different kinds of sports wagers that can be made over a broad array of sports.


Real Madrid – Betis  12.03.2017

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Real Madrid Vs Betis

Bale isn’t a natural 10. Bale for every one of his technique isn’t good with very little space. Henry plays an important role in regards to France’s attack. On the contrary, it ought to be transferred to Barcelona. Real Madrid has the ideal goalie on the planet Spain’s Iker Casillas. Real Madrid need to earn the 3 points after drawing their last few matches in La Liga. Arsenal established previously called The Arsenal.

The Athletic Bilbao need to manage the very best player on world. Betis will likely line up the exact same as last week. Atletico also have made it to the Champions League final in a few the previous three seasons.”Re- introduction The Bernabeu to win, but in addition a aim, is extremely attractive, I am unable to ask for more. It was under Pep Guardiola, however, that Messi began to reach legendary status. Generally, Benitez had a pretty awful season.

Guti made it clear then.”Aspen Daily” Guti and Real Madrid won’t disclose how to figure out this dilemma, but the present situation, gold wolves more inclined to make concessions. Kaka is arguably among the very best players on earth. Zidane also acknowledged he will need to test out something different without Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema.
Gathering a group of the top players would be quite a costly job, which means you need to handle your budget wisely. A plan to put in a retractable roof was pronounced. It’ll be a chance to get the capacity of the digital technology. The business confirmed the offer. Furthermore, it’s simple to locate video highlights and news from the most well-known sports leagues on world. A link was posted to your FB feed. There are tons of video clips online showing what I truly look like.”

Tickets to Real Madrid with amazing seats are going to be a great gift for family or friends that are definitely going to be adored by sports fans all over the world This arena can sponsor 75000 viewers. Football is also referred to as football. Soccer augments that they’re answerable for their materials, behaviour, and schedule. It’s called football in nearly every nation around the globe, except the US and Canada, where it’s called soccer. The team is among the most commonly supported teams on the planet

The very first official global football match happened between Scotland and England in Glasgow. Each game has to be composed of two halves of 45minutes. It’s always a good idea to elect for all these players since they give an outstanding return on investment. NBA player have lately become engaged after two decades of relationship. The other players are prepared for this game and all them understand it is going to be somewhat hard match. It’s almost impossible to mention all well-known players, thus the list is dependant on the author’s choice.
The situation is in the system that’s in place along with a few other always baffling decisions.”For me, it is an exceptional second.” But that which we must do and what we’re attempting to do, is to present our all when we play.”Many people say awful things about individuals who wish to perfect themselves. These soccer facts are guaranteed to intrigue children and grownups alike. Undoubtedly, there are lots of other random soccer facts which have not yet been mentioned here. The basic truth is there is no simple way of play through this Atletico side.


Barca, Barca, Barca…….

what a match against Atletico!
With 9 on the pitch at the end, they hold this 1-1 and continue to play for the cup.

Some people may say that the  man in black helped them, but still they won.

Now for the next round, Roberto and Suarez will be suspended and Mesi and Neymar will have to score some goals for the win. As we know, they can do some crazy things with the ball and we are excited to see them on the field. Atletico had some good opportunities, especially at 79 min. with this penalty! Respect for all players from Madrid, they were so close and even………so far. So let´s hope that the next matches in this competition will bring us so much joy and more goals to see!



Juventus, the team that always be!

1-0 against the team of Inter Milano and Juventus is on the right way to win

the next championship in Italy. This year is not the best for the 11 man from Torin

but now when it´s come to win bog matches, they do well. Maybe the trainer knows better his players now and they will be in perfect form for the new games in the CL.

The best teams in Europe must have top skills at the beginning of March and April so that they can play the best matches when it´s come to win cups and tournaments!
Good luck Juventus, you will need it!



Another one for CR7!

So, he did it again!

CR7 is the best player in the world.

That was very much clear months ago , but now France Football gave him the THING. Well deserved we must say.  He won some important titles and made very good season. The other pretenders were not on his level and that was not the only reason for this result. Maybe Messi was even not in position to win something big this year, but for Antoine Grisman that you can’t say. He had the chance and didn’t took it, when the time was right. So heads down for the player of the players this year CRISTIANO!



What a match for Robin Van Persie.

He almost lost his eye! The former MU Striker, who plays in Turkey now
for Fenerbahce almost lost his eye on the pitch. He had a bad collision and after few seconds, his all face was bloody. The doctors were giving him not a big chance to use his eye again, but later they sad it was not so bad and he will be alright after few days of rest without training.
So dangerous can be football and the players are not safe, even if they do watch over each other all the time. We wish Robin all the best and get recovered soon , so that we can see him scoring again on the pitch, like we all know him for many years!


Champions Leauge today give us very interesting matches.

Arsenal plays away against Ludogoretz. The Bulgarian team lost in London 6-0.

This was the worst match for Ludogoretz in the Champions League so far.

Now is the time for a better score against the boys from London. Arsene Venger wanted the win

because for him is the 1 place in this group very important. Arsenal did not go ou on the pitch in Sofia for a training

because they already did in London. It will be interesting game to watch and off course to bet on.

Today at 20,45 CET.




Carlo Ancelotti said yesterday that CR7 is the greatest.

As he was coaching Real Madrid, he had always made the training so , that it fitted CR7.

‘CR7 was important for the team and I use to do everything i can, to make him happy’.

His position was on the left side of the attack and this was no problem at all, because

that was the place I wanted him’.

Carlo loved t work with Cristiano Ronaldo and the CR7 said so many times, that his favorite trainer

was Carlo Ancelotti. Is it possiblé to see them both in Germany soon?
The money for this transfer is not a problem for FC Bayern, but that ´s not all of the story for now!



Dynamo Zagreb has won today against Slaven Balupo. The only goal was scored by Junior Fernandes.

This was the first win with the new coach Ivailo Petev. It was also the second match for the former Bulgarian national team coach .He had now 1 win and 1 draw. It seems that he may be the right choice for the team.

We wish him good luck and hope they will success!


Wow… what a match between Athletico and Bayern!!!
This two teams played last year semi-final and now they are
2 of the 4 teams in this group in the Champions League. Athletico had a good day
and this 1-0 was just the minimum score for them, because they could win with lot more goals.
Many of the Bayern München players wasn´t on the pitch this day.They just look at the game and
didn´t do anything interesting. Now Carlo Anceloti is very calm and just said:
‘Everybody can lose here (Madrid). They were just better and we were poor. We made so many mistakes
tonight and we deserved to lose this match!’
So so…. it looks like Athletico will win this group and it will be deserved!



It’s now Tuesday and at the beginning of this week 99% from the Manchester United fans sad, that they

don’t want Wayne Rooney in the Squad. We are really sad, because he is playing for the club since 2004.

On the other hand, he is not the same in the last few years and the disappointment of the fans is not something that we have to wonder.So now they are looking forward to the next favorite ‘Boss’ on the field and he is maybe playing in the Premier League already!?!Who knows, maybe they also sign him already this Monday!If Rooney has to leave, for him the best opportunity may be Serie A or Bundesliga .We just have to wait and see I guess!

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